That’s great that you can take that $1,000

and put it on Sallie Mae! Great job in paying off all the other debt!!! You are killing it! Just think that when Sallie Mae is done, you can start putting that $1,000 into retirement with payday loans for bad credit! Then you will REALLY see your nest egg grow! Make sure you read the chapter in Total Money Makeover about investments. Don’t put your money in low income bonds and such. Get the best return on your mutual funds as you can. You need all the growth and dividends you can get.
I’m assuming your youngest child is 13? Based on the child support stopping in 2018? I would think that you could cut some kid expenses too if they could do some work outside the home for their own cell phones, entertainment, and food?
What budget numbers do you have in other categories? Maybe we could make suggestions and help you cut further? This board is FANTASTIC in thinking outside the box and finding ways to cut expenses without cutting out the things that truly matter. Give it a try and let us help.