If you’re gonna do research..

You need to be thorough. I just saw this research poll on my Facebook feed:
What is your opinion of capitol one credit cards?
1 – I like them
2 – I neither like them nor dislike them
3 – I dislike them
4 – I am not familiar with this brand

Sadly, they didn’t have this choice:
5 – I hate them with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns…

I am bummed

The vw bus will hold only six with 3 front seats. That won’t work. I guess I am saving for another suburban. I love the original bus in the aqua color. I know a guy who has one restored mint and it has been signed by all the beach boys. I love, love LOVE it !

That cracks me up that there’s another VW bus fan out there

One of my girlfriends is just gaga over VW buses. Dunno why. And there’s a classic old VW Bus in our area which has a giraffe paint scheme. Yep, big irregular beige patches against a darker golden/brown background. No idea how they came up with that idea but it’s a well-known bus in these parts. And then there’s a VW Bus down in the Portland area that has been very lovingly restored and is now used to tour the PNW; it’s well known enough that it was written up in Sunset magazine, and it has its own Facebook page (don’t ask me what it is). But I guess you’re in good company – lots of VW Bus fans out there. Now every time I see that giraffe Bus, I’ll think of you.