Kinda hate to mention it after the last fiasco

DH was offered a sales job. It’s a reasonable commute, with decent hours. The good news is it is $25,000 more than we thought it would be, plus commission, but it is a year long sales cycle, so it’s unlikely we would see anything additional for 10 months or so. It is $25,000 less than he was making, but at this point in time, I don’t care.
The employer was exceptionally conscious of the fact that this salary was much less than what he had been making, so they made the offer they did (he had been told it was going to be in the $40-45k range) so that he would be more likely to accept it and stay.
We are cautiously optimistic.
It comes at an opportune time, as we were notified that despite having a positive benefits balance with unemployment, Tier 1 federal benefits would have ended Dec 28. the good news is that would have paid rent for January, but then we would have been in deep trouble.
On the add’l positive front, there are rumours that my holiday hire company might keep me on after holiday, the little girl I take to/from preschool 3 days a week is going to go daily starting in January and they offered me the extended gig first, which I accepted this week, and my tutoring gig has booted up to 4 days a week ($80/wk) vs. 3.
So we are hopeful that come January, after the dust settles, we will be able to use Dh’s salary to pay basics (rent, utilities, car pmt, gas) and my income to rebuild our EF and start paying creditors off.
I’m with Melanie. After 10 months of unemployment, I am horrifically gunshy about how close we came to not having a roof over our head. We would not have made it if Dh’s previous employer hadn’t cashed out his vacation and given him a severance so he wouldn’t sue, plus my 2 oldest helping out here and there.
My plan is: get the 4 walls current (car, utilities). That will actually take most of January.
Get the $1000 EF. Pay minimums on everything else. This will probably take all of Feb.
Get another $1000 in the EF, $2k pays rent for 1 month. This will probably take all of March. Still pay minimums.
Pay off the creditors who were willing to work with us these past 60 days (vs small to large.) I AM REALLY GRATEFUL for Dave making this statement in FPU and TMMO: “You can’t live in plastic. You don’t neglect paying the 4 walls and pay Mastercard instead.”
These past 2 months (state of CA had a “hiccup” in their EDD payments, no one got paid for TWO MONTHS!) I have just ignored the plastic people. It took everything I made just to make rent and keep the car only 30 days-ish out. And clearly only by the grace of God were we able to do it.
So anyway….hopefully all positives coming this way.