I, too, have nothing against people getting rich

He goes on for a couple more pages about the successful distributors he’s met and how they became successful. Surely, with all the people he’s talked to, he must have met someone who agreed with his INITIAL impression of NBV and could speak to him with authority about the down side of the  industry! But of course, if he was going to sell his book to NBV distributors, he couldn’t very well let those “losers” (some of whom are probably doing very well, thank you) have a voice in his book. Nor could he let them have an effect on his own professed opinion of the NBV industry.

He says he watched several friends become successful at NBV. He doesn’t even approach saying “at the expense of hundreds of distributors in their downlines.”

I believe he changed his mind about NBV when he discovered how much he could make selling his books to this “captive” crowd.

BTW: The measure of whether or not his games are overpriced would be if it would do well in the retail market, as opposed to a market in which the audience is sold on “needing” everything that is presented to them. I like Larry’s board games, but at $200, I don’t think it would sell well at Toys-R-Us or Kay-Bee Toys. I even doubt it would do well at those game stores where you can buy marble-and-gold chess sets.