I do understand–

and hey, collectors items (ho ho) have been around forever, too. What about all that crazy “pin trading” stuff, the beany babies, etc.
etc. The bottom line on all THAT is things that have next to no intrinsic value but have the “value added” of hype/interest/fever/whatever.
But its no different than the furor over Harry Potter, Star Trek/Wars, or anything else in the popular culture–these coins we’ve been seeing are, in one sense, vultures on the tragedy, but if it gives people pleasure to own them, there isn’t much harm….as long as theyr’e not overtly guaranteeing a huge increase in value, just as the financial gurus don’t guarantee results. “Your mileage may vary” is the watchword.

But if you get down on business itself, well…what about the one you work for? The one that makes your kids breakfast cereal or the gas for your car or… I guess what I’m saying is that the anti-scam, anti-liar, anti-criminal and anti-VBN message shouldn’t get rolled into an anit-Capitalism message unless that’s overtly what you believe. I think that’s a highly mistaken belief, but if you believe it to NOT say it and to hide it in a “good cause” of anti-scam is, in its own way, as deceptive as the scammers themselves, perhaps moreso if the deception is self-deception, too….and none of this is intended to be at YOU in particular, but “you” in general, ok?

Business and the search for profit is what gives us new drugs, new technology, new and better everything. Its what drives innovation and saves lives and makes life a whole lot more fun and safe…AND occasionaly the opposite. It also is what gives us the CHOICE of lifestyles–do you want to watch tv or listen to Brahms?–that we wouldn’t have otherwise and that anti-capitalist societies have proven to be grim, unsafe, and pretty shabby and sad.