I appreciate your thoughts

I know I still have a lot at BS2, but I have certainly paid off a whole lot…. ALL credit cards, 2 vehicles, and medical/legal debt all taken care of. And the student loans, huge as they are, are down approx. $12k from where they started.
I do have an ING account set up that’s called “books for college” that has $450 in it. I’m thinking based on your responses that I should change that to Sallie Mae sinking fund, and start stashing money in there so that I can save up and pay off that “smaller” Sallie Mae instead. Maybe pay on it every time I get $1000 saved or something like that?
Currently I am self employed as a realtor (intermittent) and as an accounting manager for a small mfg co that I’ve been with for 8 years (10-32 hrs/wk). I recently (six months ago) added a PT job as a bookkeeper for a church (16-32 hrs/wk). It doesn’t pay much hourly compared to my other, but I bring home an extra $1000/mo.
I’m thinking I could take that $1,000/mo (plus any other money I can “find”), put 1/2 in the Sallie Mae fund and split the other half between several funds (auto replacement and household maintenance highest priority) that are nowhere near where they need to be.
DH is planning to work until 70. When he reaches 66, he will get SS and his full salary. At that same time, the alimony (816/mo) would be done! Talk about having a big shovel. We have a lot riding on that time period! But we know that any number of things – job loss, health issues, etc could beat up that plan. That’s why it is so nerve wracking and I feel so conflicted!