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the days of our lives…

January 1st, 2011 | By Petite Peche and Co.

Since the world, or at least day 1 of 2011, is my oyster again, here are the reso’s… Happy Happy New Year!

Do something new each day. write more letters to those you love and less to those you don’t. determine who fits into both categories. appreciate the sheep in your flock and don’t waste time on the ones who aren’t.  finish reading the books you started 10 years ago and have on your bedside- One hundred Years…, The art of war, Picasso-the creator and destroyer. write your own book. laugh more often. be more patient. give more to those less fortunate. see the end as finite and the in between as infinite. learn to paint well. live decadently however the budget fluctuates.make less lists and more time to do what you need to do. prioritize your needs. be as accepting of your own shortcomings as you are of others. be happy. know that someday, somehow, you will have an apt in Paris with herringbone floors, soaring ceilings, triple- left bank- exposure through loads of double vitrage windows, a 6 burner vintage viking range in the kitchen and still not have all the answers to life. Enjoy the view- these are the days of your life.

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