Additional things learned while doing the TMMO

Back before we started on the DR plan I handled all the finances and dh went along for the ride. During the first 35 or so years of our marriage whatever his employer, or employer representative said was pretty much the law and he never questioned them, even where his paycheck was concerned.
During those years we had paychecks bounce with two different employers, one employer that took out taxes, insurance, 401K and put them in his own pocket rather than where they belonged, one employer that filed bankruptcy and then tried to deny dh ever worked for him and other incidents. I, of course, had to deal with all these situations and got all of them worked out, eventually. Dh simply left it up to me to take care of rather than “rock the boat.”
Fast forward to January 2013, you will remember the comptroller that with no warning changed our paydays, then shorted the guys more than once on OT on one check and would move it to 1-2 paychecks away. Only this time, because of his education from DR and me dh handled both those incidents quite well and the owner came down hard on the comptroller.
So the other night when dh casually mentioned he and the comptroller had been at it again I had no concerns. This time it was over travel time money, only the comptroller was too cowardly to even face dh herself, she sent her minion to do it. She was refusing to pay for the 10 hours travel time due to flight delays and such.
The minion was sent to ask dh what in the world that 10 hours OT was when he was out of the office on “his own time”. Dh replied to her politely that he was traveling for the company per their request and therefore working for the company and it would fall into the “networking” section of the overhead budget. I was impressed he even knew where to tell them what account to charge it to.
Minion went back to comptroller, comptroller sent minion back saying that they wouldn’t pay for it. Dh told minion they had always paid for travel time and in fact he knew of 10 employees that were in the field right now getting paid travel time, plus rental car, plus hotel etc and that he had taken time away from his family on a holiday weekend to fly on much delayed flights to Las Vegas and then endangered his life flying back in a snow and ice storm on delayed flights again for the company and he WOULD be paid for it.
Minion went to boss, skipping comptroller, dh got paid! What a difference having the self assurance to stand up to his bosses, due to financial knowledge makes. Before starting the TMMO plan dh would have never had the knowledge or the courage to stand up to them about the travel time.