Petite Peche and Co.

Petite Peche and Co is dedicated to providing intimate travel experiences and behind the scenes access to Provence, Paris and Florence for those seeking a deeper connection in travel. Danika Boyle, proprietor, splits her time between Paris and Austin Texas where she lives with her husband, David Boyle and son Charlie.The couple have recently launched a series of Musical Salons, a nod to 18th and 19th European Musical Concerts while in Austin for those seeking a stateside experience.



"Even jet lag and long journey home cannot remove the glow I feel from the time in the South of France. Meeting each of you and sharing wonderful new foods, wines and the beautiful countryside of Provence was an enriching experience that will color my thoughts and life forever.
Thank you Danika, Laurence and Claire for opening the door to so many new inspirations. "

Hugs and kind regards,
Charlotte W. - Austin

"There are trips and then there are adventures. Traveling with Petite Peche & Co was an adventure into the soul of Provencal cuisine. I came home with memories that will last the remainder of my life and be assured that I will hop a plane again soon to travel with Danika and share in her new horizons....... ..."

Linda G.- Austin

"As a destination, Provence was even more fascinating, beautiful and diverse than I had imagined. As an experience Danika's tour was the perfect way to explore and be amazed by just some of what it has to offer; from the scenery of landscapes and hilltop towns, to its flavours; from the markets to spectacular restaurants and to its people from winemakers to olive oil makers. She infuses all the experiences with such warmth and passion that I could not help but leave feeling more confident that I too could infuse some of the passion into my own French cooking! Thank you for a fabulous week and lifetime of French cooking ahead!"

Diana C Austin/ Melbourne, Australia

"I had the time of my life and feel so so lucky to have gone on such a wonderful trip...AMAZING. Being greeted by your smiley face at the airport made my realise that it was going to be a great week. The way you manage everything is admirable- I take my hat off to you my dear......"

Rachael P. - Melbourne, Australia

"We can't tell you enough what a wonderful experience this was. We are still on a high from the trip. .

You had a perfect mix of touring versus cooking from our view, especially when you have guys involved. It was a great value for what you deliver. Absolutely no complaints. We have already recommended your tours to our friends. You are a very talented lady. So glad to have met you."

Linda and Ken W. - Austin

"I had a glorious time with you and everyone in Provence! I thought the trip was wonderful! I arrived home to find a huge article about Cassis in Cote Sud Magazine. I will send you a copy as it has some great restaurant and shop suggestions (the Clos du Madeleine Winery is mentioned too!) I came home so inspired and ready to cook... THANK YOU! Lots of Love!"

Melody W. - Nashville, TN

"Loved meeting each and everyone of you....such a special trip and very powerful, special women - thank you for being you. Such a blessing... "

Camille - NYC, NY

Initially, this trip was just a selfish treat for myself to eat great food and take in European sights, but it was so much more! With hands-on learning of gourmet dishes, visiting wineries, seeing the Mediterranean, it was a feast for the senses. The villa that houses the school and where we stayed at was ...simply magical- with its large rustling plane trees, lush greenery and small charming artistic touches throughout the house. Every piece in the house made it feel like home :)I can't wait for future trips!

Elaine H. Austin-Texas

Food, Friends, Fab Wine, Fantastic House- That is why France begins with an F. Its Fabulous! This was an incredible week and Danikas passion shows through in her demeanor and in her food- You can taste it in her food! Can't wait to go next year.

Cori A. , L.A- California

The week spent in Provence was undeniably the best week I have ever spent in my life. The grounds of the school are enough to make you want to disappear, and as spacious as they are, I did often. The relaxed setting and staff make you feel instantly at home and the organized events were truly remarkable memories. We met some of the most amazing people and gained access into a world through PP&Co that I never would have been able to without them. The cooking classes were a delight and I never felt like it was work! It was a remarkable week and one I will remember as long as I live.

Julie Houston, Texas

She had me at the train station. Even as I was tired from the trip, Danika and her staff were ready to welcome us into this life of understated elegance, yummy food and extreme generosity. From the moment my bag hit the floor of my room I had champagne in hand and a breezily beautiful week ahead of me. Such an amazing trip. I cant describe how effortless and yet action packed the week was. I would sit by one of the many fireplaces at night pinching myself it was so good. It was so so wonderful. I miss the markets and the cheese guy and the food we cooked and ate. And my new friends. Thank you girls again for your tremendous gift.

Megan G. NYC- NY

I went on this trip because a girlfriend was going and I was quite happy to go along and drink wine in the south of France. It was so much more than I expected and seeing as the only thing I knew how to make was reservations, my finace was thrilled when I came home and made sole meuniere for a group of our friends. Danika made me realize how easy it is to substitute and she really teaches techniques so I can mix and match now with no fear! Sante' as they say in France!

Amber S, West Hollywood- California