Monthly Archives: December 2015

No, but when you have already shopped

compared, found the stove you want at $300 off original price, spend the $400, take it directly to the place you are going to purchase the stove, immediately apply the gift cards to the purchase and still have the 15% off for groceries, why not?. Nothing is charged.

Tenant loves the stove and it is written off as an expense against taxes as well. Saved a bunch with coupons and gift cards at Target this week too. Have larger stockpile of laundry soap than I might have chosen to have but certainly will use it. Only buy on sale, with a coupon and a gift card deal, almost have enough gift cards stashed to cover Christmas gifts for the granddaughters.

Ummmm, big hairy Duck Dynasty type man being firm with her?

LOL! More likely because she KNEW he was right and that fighting with the comptroller would just keep her wearing a path between the two of them.

From what we’ve gathered comptroller is related to boss’ wife and she has cut many costs for the company. But at the same time, several employees have quit naming her as the cause, you don’t jack with people’s paychecks.