I, too, have nothing against people getting rich

He goes on for a couple more pages about the successful distributors he’s met and how they became successful. Surely, with all the people he’s talked to, he must have met someone who agreed with his INITIAL impression of NBV and could speak to him with authority about the down side of the  industry! But of course, if he was going to sell his book to NBV distributors, he couldn’t very well let those “losers” (some of whom are probably doing very well, thank you) have a voice in his book. Nor could he let them have an effect on his own professed opinion of the NBV industry.

He says he watched several friends become successful at NBV. He doesn’t even approach saying “at the expense of hundreds of distributors in their downlines.”

I believe he changed his mind about NBV when he discovered how much he could make selling his books to this “captive” crowd.

BTW: The measure of whether or not his games are overpriced would be if it would do well in the retail market, as opposed to a market in which the audience is sold on “needing” everything that is presented to them. I like Larry’s board games, but at $200, I don’t think it would sell well at Toys-R-Us or Kay-Bee Toys. I even doubt it would do well at those game stores where you can buy marble-and-gold chess sets.

I do understand–

and hey, collectors items (ho ho) have been around forever, too. What about all that crazy “pin trading” stuff, the beany babies, etc.
etc. The bottom line on all THAT is things that have next to no intrinsic value but have the “value added” of hype/interest/fever/whatever.
But its no different than the furor over Harry Potter, Star Trek/Wars, or anything else in the popular culture–these coins we’ve been seeing are, in one sense, vultures on the tragedy, but if it gives people pleasure to own them, there isn’t much harm….as long as theyr’e not overtly guaranteeing a huge increase in value, just as the financial gurus don’t guarantee results. “Your mileage may vary” is the watchword.

But if you get down on business itself, well…what about the one you work for? The one that makes your kids breakfast cereal or the gas for your car or… I guess what I’m saying is that the anti-scam, anti-liar, anti-criminal and anti-VBN message shouldn’t get rolled into an anit-Capitalism message unless that’s overtly what you believe. I think that’s a highly mistaken belief, but if you believe it to NOT say it and to hide it in a “good cause” of anti-scam is, in its own way, as deceptive as the scammers themselves, perhaps moreso if the deception is self-deception, too….and none of this is intended to be at YOU in particular, but “you” in general, ok?

Business and the search for profit is what gives us new drugs, new technology, new and better everything. Its what drives innovation and saves lives and makes life a whole lot more fun and safe…AND occasionaly the opposite. It also is what gives us the CHOICE of lifestyles–do you want to watch tv or listen to Brahms?–that we wouldn’t have otherwise and that anti-capitalist societies have proven to be grim, unsafe, and pretty shabby and sad.

I appreciate your thoughts

I know I still have a lot at BS2, but I have certainly paid off a whole lot…. ALL credit cards, 2 vehicles, and medical/legal debt all taken care of. And the student loans, huge as they are, are down approx. $12k from where they started.
I do have an ING account set up that’s called “books for college” that has $450 in it. I’m thinking based on your responses that I should change that to Sallie Mae sinking fund, and start stashing money in there so that I can save up and pay off that “smaller” Sallie Mae instead. Maybe pay on it every time I get $1000 saved or something like that?
Currently I am self employed as a realtor (intermittent) and as an accounting manager for a small mfg co that I’ve been with for 8 years (10-32 hrs/wk). I recently (six months ago) added a PT job as a bookkeeper for a church (16-32 hrs/wk). It doesn’t pay much hourly compared to my other, but I bring home an extra $1000/mo.
I’m thinking I could take that $1,000/mo (plus any other money I can “find”), put 1/2 in the Sallie Mae fund and split the other half between several funds (auto replacement and household maintenance highest priority) that are nowhere near where they need to be.
DH is planning to work until 70. When he reaches 66, he will get SS and his full salary. At that same time, the alimony (816/mo) would be done! Talk about having a big shovel. We have a lot riding on that time period! But we know that any number of things – job loss, health issues, etc could beat up that plan. That’s why it is so nerve wracking and I feel so conflicted!

No, but when you have already shopped

compared, found the stove you want at $300 off original price, spend the $400, take it directly to the place you are going to purchase the stove, immediately apply the gift cards to the purchase and still have the 15% off for groceries, why not?. Nothing is charged.

Tenant loves the stove and it is written off as an expense against taxes as well. Saved a bunch with coupons and gift cards at Target this week too. Have larger stockpile of laundry soap than I might have chosen to have but certainly will use it. Only buy on sale, with a coupon and a gift card deal, almost have enough gift cards stashed to cover Christmas gifts for the granddaughters.

Ummmm, big hairy Duck Dynasty type man being firm with her?

LOL! More likely because she KNEW he was right and that fighting with the comptroller would just keep her wearing a path between the two of them.

From what we’ve gathered comptroller is related to boss’ wife and she has cut many costs for the company. But at the same time, several employees have quit naming her as the cause, you don’t jack with people’s paychecks.

Additional things learned while doing the TMMO

Back before we started on the DR plan I handled all the finances and dh went along for the ride. During the first 35 or so years of our marriage whatever his employer, or employer representative said was pretty much the law and he never questioned them, even where his paycheck was concerned.
During those years we had paychecks bounce with two different employers, one employer that took out taxes, insurance, 401K and put them in his own pocket rather than where they belonged, one employer that filed bankruptcy and then tried to deny dh ever worked for him and other incidents. I, of course, had to deal with all these situations and got all of them worked out, eventually. Dh simply left it up to me to take care of rather than “rock the boat.”
Fast forward to January 2013, you will remember the comptroller that with no warning changed our paydays, then shorted the guys more than once on OT on one check and would move it to 1-2 paychecks away. Only this time, because of his education from DR and me dh handled both those incidents quite well and the owner came down hard on the comptroller.
So the other night when dh casually mentioned he and the comptroller had been at it again I had no concerns. This time it was over travel time money, only the comptroller was too cowardly to even face dh herself, she sent her minion to do it. She was refusing to pay for the 10 hours travel time due to flight delays and such.
The minion was sent to ask dh what in the world that 10 hours OT was when he was out of the office on “his own time”. Dh replied to her politely that he was traveling for the company per their request and therefore working for the company and it would fall into the “networking” section of the overhead budget. I was impressed he even knew where to tell them what account to charge it to.
Minion went back to comptroller, comptroller sent minion back saying that they wouldn’t pay for it. Dh told minion they had always paid for travel time and in fact he knew of 10 employees that were in the field right now getting paid travel time, plus rental car, plus hotel etc and that he had taken time away from his family on a holiday weekend to fly on much delayed flights to Las Vegas and then endangered his life flying back in a snow and ice storm on delayed flights again for the company and he WOULD be paid for it.
Minion went to boss, skipping comptroller, dh got paid! What a difference having the self assurance to stand up to his bosses, due to financial knowledge makes. Before starting the TMMO plan dh would have never had the knowledge or the courage to stand up to them about the travel time.

That’s great that you can take that $1,000

and put it on Sallie Mae! Great job in paying off all the other debt!!! You are killing it! Just think that when Sallie Mae is done, you can start putting that $1,000 into retirement with payday loans for bad credit! Then you will REALLY see your nest egg grow! Make sure you read the chapter in Total Money Makeover about investments. Don’t put your money in low income bonds and such. Get the best return on your mutual funds as you can. You need all the growth and dividends you can get.
I’m assuming your youngest child is 13? Based on the child support stopping in 2018? I would think that you could cut some kid expenses too if they could do some work outside the home for their own cell phones, entertainment, and food?
What budget numbers do you have in other categories? Maybe we could make suggestions and help you cut further? This board is FANTASTIC in thinking outside the box and finding ways to cut expenses without cutting out the things that truly matter. Give it a try and let us help.

Got great deals at Smart and Final

buy a $100 gift card for Lowe’s and get $15 off next grocery purchase. Already had picked out the stove I needed at Lowe’s for my rental so bought four cards and applied them to the purchase at Lowe’s but came out with $60 toward holiday groceries. Also Costco had two $25 gift cards for Dickies Barbeque for $39 with an immediate $10 rebate so the pack was $29 plus tax for the $50 worth of cards. Pays to look around.

Sounds like things are coming together for you, that’s good news

Please explain what a year long sales cycle means. I never worked on commission or in sales other than many years ago for the phone company…ha, wonder how many of those dumb little princess phones I sold.? That was just part of the job though, no additional income if you sold a lot….an attagirl maybe, that was it.

Kinda hate to mention it after the last fiasco

DH was offered a sales job. It’s a reasonable commute, with decent hours. The good news is it is $25,000 more than we thought it would be, plus commission, but it is a year long sales cycle, so it’s unlikely we would see anything additional for 10 months or so. It is $25,000 less than he was making, but at this point in time, I don’t care.
The employer was exceptionally conscious of the fact that this salary was much less than what he had been making, so they made the offer they did (he had been told it was going to be in the $40-45k range) so that he would be more likely to accept it and stay.
We are cautiously optimistic.
It comes at an opportune time, as we were notified that despite having a positive benefits balance with unemployment, Tier 1 federal benefits would have ended Dec 28. the good news is that would have paid rent for January, but then we would have been in deep trouble.
On the add’l positive front, there are rumours that my holiday hire company might keep me on after holiday, the little girl I take to/from preschool 3 days a week is going to go daily starting in January and they offered me the extended gig first, which I accepted this week, and my tutoring gig has booted up to 4 days a week ($80/wk) vs. 3.
So we are hopeful that come January, after the dust settles, we will be able to use Dh’s salary to pay basics (rent, utilities, car pmt, gas) and my income to rebuild our EF and start paying creditors off.
I’m with Melanie. After 10 months of unemployment, I am horrifically gunshy about how close we came to not having a roof over our head. We would not have made it if Dh’s previous employer hadn’t cashed out his vacation and given him a severance so he wouldn’t sue, plus my 2 oldest helping out here and there.
My plan is: get the 4 walls current (car, utilities). That will actually take most of January.
Get the $1000 EF. Pay minimums on everything else. This will probably take all of Feb.
Get another $1000 in the EF, $2k pays rent for 1 month. This will probably take all of March. Still pay minimums.
Pay off the creditors who were willing to work with us these past 60 days (vs small to large.) I AM REALLY GRATEFUL for Dave making this statement in FPU and TMMO: “You can’t live in plastic. You don’t neglect paying the 4 walls and pay Mastercard instead.”
These past 2 months (state of CA had a “hiccup” in their EDD payments, no one got paid for TWO MONTHS!) I have just ignored the plastic people. It took everything I made just to make rent and keep the car only 30 days-ish out. And clearly only by the grace of God were we able to do it.
So anyway….hopefully all positives coming this way.